Jumat, Oktober 29, 2010

IEEM 2010 Macau, 7-10 December

Time:3/7/2010 1:12:02 PM
Posted By:Min Xie
Title:Welcome to IEEM 2010 to be held in Macau, 7-10 Dec!
Message: Dear IEEM colleagues,

Thank you for your interest and continued support to our IEEE IEEM conference. This year, IEEM 2010 will be held in Macau, 7-10 Dec. Please plan to join us. The Rector of University of Macau is serving as our General Chair and the organizing committee has selected Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel as our conference venue.

The IEEM submission site is already open and the deadline is 1 June. Do submit your paper earlier. Note that our IEEM website is simply www.IEEM.org and it will be updated for the current year every year. Please bookmark it.

M Xie, for IEEM organizing committee
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